Hierarchical Calculated Field


Hierarchical Calculated Field is an app for Jira - developed by mgm technology partners, Which enables you to create the new custom field type "Hierarchical Calculated Field".

  • This app provides the possibility to sum up values from other referenced fields and roll up the result from the lowest hierarchy level (Sub-task) to the highest hierarchy level (Epic).

  • You can define the deep of the hierarchy levels by choosing the reference issue. This could be sub-tasks → parent-task, sub-tasks → linked-issues→ parent-task, sub-task → issues in epic → epic or sub-tasks → stories in epic → epic.

  • Including sub-tasks in 3 level hierarchies is optional.

  • Different statistics, for example sum, average, maximum or minimum are available to evaluate the value of all HCF in your hierarchy tree.

  • Use this app to make a bottom-up estimation for the project schedule. Make accurate estimates at a detailed level and put the sum of these estimates to the story or epic.



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